Real Estate Law

The term “Real Estate Law” covers a broad range of topics from development and land use to involuntary real property liens such as the Mechanics Lien. Our firm focuses on discreet areas of the law within this topic which include real estate purchases and sales transactions, real estate improvements, ground leases, residential and commercial leases, and Mechanics’ liens.

Most real estate purchases and sales are competently handled by licensed real estate agents and brokers; however, their job is to market the property, find the buyer or seller, and bring the two parties together under the terms of a form agreement typically prepared by a real estate association. Real estate agents and brokers are typically not attorneys, and in any event, they cannot give legal advice to the parties to a particular transaction.

We do not believe that every real estate transaction requires the assistance of an attorney; however, there are certain questions that arise during every transactions that merit an investment in a legal opinion. For example, title issues that appear in the Preliminary Report, the effects of easements and judgment liens that have been recorded against the property, the scope of required disclosures, and the unwillingness of a party to perform under the terms of the agreement all merit legal advice and assistance.

There are also transactions that are of such a complex nature that the assistance of attorney is almost always beneficial if not necessary. For example, complex commercial ground leases, lease backs, exchanges, and agricultural properties all present some degree uncommon complexity.

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