Business Law

In business, each time there is a purchase, sale, transfer, or trade, there is a “transaction”. General Business Law, sometimes referred to as “Transactional Law” encompasses the various transactions in which businesses may engage. The subject matter spans a broad spectrum from transactions between merchants to the sale of goods and includes secured transactions, bulk sales, and the purchase and sale of real estate.

With the complexity of the legal system, much of the time clients do not know the laws that affect their business interests, and that is where a qualified business attorney can actually save you time and money. By making sure your contracts are in order, your rights to payment are preserved, and you are not undertaking unwanted or unnecessary liability, Di Duca Ellingson, APC can provide you the information you need to compete on equal footing with your clients and business competitors.

Business Entity Selection

The term “business entity” relates to the organizational form that you will select for your business. Those options typically include an organization that will help to limit personal liability, such as a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or a limited partnership. The selection of the appropriate business entity is an important decision and takes into consideration your personal assets and wealth, the risks inherent to the business, the number of “owners” or “investors”, and the management and control of the business operation. Simply selecting an “off the shelf” corporation for your business entity rarely results in the best outcome for your individual circumstances. More importantly, if the business entity is not properly organized, it may not provide you any of the protections you may need or desire.

Business Agreements & Contracts

From Employment Contracts to Purchase Orders, including manufacturing agreements, output contracts, payment practices and releases of liens, Di Duca Ellingson, APC can assist you in avoiding the pitfalls of your business operation and, in the unfortunate event you need an attorney to resolve a dispute, Di Duca Ellingson, APC will be there to help you make those decisions as well.

Business Operations & Organization

One of the more common comments we hear is that a client has selected our firm because we also understand business from the business owner’s perspective. When your attorney fully understands what you do, you save time – and money – by not having to go through the detailed and time consuming process of explaining how your business is operated or organized. We believe proactive and comprehensive management is the most common factor in the success or failure of a business. When you have questions about your business operations and organization, we can help.

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